Carr's Hill Baptist Church


Welcome to Carr's Hill Baptist Church website. We invite you to join us in worship each Sunday, beginning with Sunday School at 9:45 AM followed by Worship Service at 11 AM. We offer additional program on Sunday evening at 5:30 PM and Wednesday's at 6:30 PM. We provide learning and prayer time for Bible study during the week. Our Youth are involved in several programs in an learning enviornment.


Children's Dedication Sunday.
Memorial Day Service well received.
Plans for Kentucky Mission trip underway.
New Members join.
Youth Excitement!
2719 Greenville Highway
Brevard, North Carolina

Yummy Tracker
A Story of Justice
I Kings 21: 14-20
A Story of Deception
I Kings 21: 1-13
Pastor Shane's Memorial Day Message
"Two Truths About Remberance
Acts 10:1-6
Children's Dedication Sunday
We posted a video on YouTube